Wildflower at Any Age: Edition 2

We are back with another edition of ‘Wildflower at Any Age’ brought to you by Connie and Makayla! Our first Wildflower at Any Age received such great feedback, we knew we had to share some more looks!

This was our last blog photo shoot before I went back to school, and gosh do I miss the team at Wildflower. So if you can, stop in and give the ladies a hug from me.. and check out the amazing new collections, too!

1. The Versatile Jacket


We all love the classic black and white. But if you’re like me, the duo can get dull after awhile… especially for a bright and beautiful day in Florida! Instantly brighten the outfit with a pop of color. I did this with a multicolor turtle neck and Connie paired the jacket with a bright yellow pant. We both love how versatile and light-weight the jacket is – perfect for weather that’s not too cold and not too hot!

2. The Shimmery Pant


I must say that these pants are deliciously comfortable. Unlike other metallic or textured pants, this Dismero pair has just the right amount of stretch so you can enjoy your look without feeling stiff and uncomfortable. I love how Connie paired her outfit with this ombre sweater. It looks like they were made for each other!

I chose a quilted jacket to complement the pants because I really liked how they both have a little shimmer and texture without overpowering one another. You can put a tank under the jacket and leave it unbuttoned or button it up like I have it here!

3. The Must Have Sweater


I love this outfit because it combines comfort with class and shows that you don’t have to be dressed in sweats to put on a nice cozy sweater! I paired it with one of my favorite skirts in the store. It is very flattering with its high waistline and tailored fit. Connie totally elevated her sophisticated outfit with a bold necklace and belt. I love how both of us added a touch of leopard. It gives the outfits some spice!

4. The Pretty Pink Pant

So feminine. So fun. I went for more of a dramatic look with this beautiful leather jacket, and Connie matched the pants perfectly with a mixed color top. Both looks are great for different occasions – whether you are going for dinner downtown or maybe a fun day shopping at Wildflower!