Wildflower Curated Image Consulting

Personal Color, Body Style, Wardrobe Updates – Our Certified Color Consultant and Personal Stylist is ready to help you look good and feel great!


Who is Connie Sims?

Connie Sims is a certified Master Image Consultant and certified in the 4×4 Universal Color System. Her passion is to inspire women to look and feel beautiful. In 2023 she combined her knowledge and training in Image with her upscale boutique of 40 years; Wildflower, to merge the two businesses in order to provide clients with the maximum support in creating the most perfect wardrobe that represents their inner and outer beauty.

Wildflower has become a shopping destination that provides the finest quality boutique collections with outstanding style, and designs that complement each person’s coloring, body shape, lifestyle, and individual expression.

In addition to a fabulous shopping experience, Wildflower Curated offers the following services:


Wildflower Curated Services

Personal Color Analysis

Your style journey begins with color analysis which analyzes and assesses your skin tone, hair color, and eye color. From that assessment we select your best colors that will make you look younger, more vibrant, and make you sparkle and glow. You receive a personal swatch guide with your 60 (approximately) best colors. This service can be done one on one or virtually. Cost – $350

Body Shape and Style Analysis

Determining and understanding your body shape will give you the tools to make you stand out and show your best self through clothes and accessories that are perfect for your shape and personality, and that will reflect your individuality. You will receive a personalized fashion and style guide to help you make perfect choices when you are putting your wardrobe together. Cost – $450

Wardrobe Edit

If you have a wardrobe full of clothes you aren’t wearing, this course is for you. Together we will clear out the clutter and create a workable wardrobe full of mix and match pieces to complement your personality and your lifestyle. A wardrobe edit can only be booked after you have had the color analysis and body shape and style analysis in order to truly have your wardrobe be one that you love, and that works perfectly for you. This service takes a minimum of 3 hours. Additional time is charged by the hour. Cost – From $450