What Color Suits Your Mood the Best?

Did you know that each color represents a different set of qualities? We are back in the blogging business and are ready to give our Wildflowers some tips on this interesting and colorful topic! We LOVE color at Wildflower and we LOVE when we can help others dress to suit their own personal style – inside and out!

If you radiate love, boldness, energy and desire… wear RED. 

Nothing screams passion like the color red, especially on a beautiful Dismero trench coat! The silhouette is sharp and the bright color combination makes the statement piece shine even brighter. Elena rocks this look with a textured Edward Achour lip tee and Dismero jeans. She’s ready to hit the city with this bold outfit!

If you radiate cheerfulness and creativity… wear ORANGE.

Connie should just wear orange every day.. right?! Her cheerfulness and creative spirit fills the room, so when she adds a Marc Aurel orange blazer in addition to her lovely qualities, it’s double the smiles! The cuff rolls to reveal a little surprise- a pop of neon!

If you radiate liveliness and optimism… wear YELLOW.


Elena is strutting her lively look with a pop of color and playful prints! This incredible Marc Cain blazer and Riani pant is a stunning combination that has so much personality. Elena’s voluminous, beautiful hair makes the outfit that more lively!

If you radiate elegance, strength and sophistication… wear BLACK.

Leyla has the details we all wish for in an outfit. From the delicate lace cuff on the pant, to the beautiful appliqué on the blouse, Leyla radiates elegance! I love how the blouse is playful with its many prints and textures without losing even a dose of sophistication.

If you radiate freshness and relaxing vibes… wear GREEN.


The subtle flavor of the floral tee paired with this edgy leather jacket is the best of both worlds. Leave it to the tee and flared pant if the Florida heat is showing you what it’s made of, and then add the jacket when you can!

If you radiate femininity, caring and nature… wear PINK.

I love how easy, yet feminine, this outfit is. I would definitely throw this on and feel pretty all day long! Everyone needs a light floral top and a dusty green pant! Add some tassels and you’re good to go.


Still wondering what your favorite color represents? Comment below and we will be sure to get back to you with some ideas for your personal favorite!