Uhhh Stress!

How do you deal with it?

For some, stress is just a tiny nagging feeling spreading unease in the back of your mind. Whereas for others, it can be more bothersome. Subsequently adding a kind of gloominess to a seemingly non-stressful situation. With this in mind we decided to share how each of us are able to maintain a positive mindset. And how we keep the little bouts of stress away!

Staying positive, this is how we do it!

*Monica really enjoys blasting her music to drown out the little woes that pop up from time to time. “Music has a way of clarifying the spirit,” she says. Some of Monica’s most prized possessions are her vinyl records. She loves to blast her music while dancing around the house and cleaning. Although her neighbors might not find this very relaxing. For Monica this is her way of reaching Zen!*Leyla’s idea of washing away the stress from the day is by actually washing! Locking herself in a warm steamy bathroom, while listening to her favorite artist’s songs carry through the air is her way of shedding off the day’s negativity. Although it’s hard to imagine great music and a hot shower not being relaxing. Her message for everyone is to “Make sure you take time for yourself, it’s important if you want to stay carefree!”

*Connie’s daily stress melts away when she begins working in her greenhouse. With over 100 orchids, searching for new bloom spikes while keeping an eye out for scale and mealybugs is a big job! But for her, being completely consumed by the needs of her orchids is her Zen. Although she didn’t always have a green thumb. Jan, Connie’s mother, is the one that introduced her to the Naples Orchid Society. And so started Connie’s passion for orchids. Which lead to the discovery of a new form of meditation!

*Laura enjoys long walks on the beach with Angel, her cute little pup! “The warm sun and salty air are very soothing,” she says. But for Laura, it’s Angel who chases away the little spells of stress. Angel is always there for her. Waiting at the door with a wagging tail, stuffed animal in her mouth and unconditional love. She’s undoubtedly Laura’s best and most trusted friend.

*Lastly, I’m Alexa… A.K.A  the author of this article! I would have to say being surrounded by my family is what takes the sting out of my stress. We’re a goofy bunch, always joking and being sarcastic with each other. It’s refreshing to take a break from reality and get to act like a child again. As well as being surrounded by people who just get you. My worries are put to rest when I’m around them. And for that I’m forever thankful!!

*life hack: stressed is desserts spelled backwards, sometimes it’s just a dessert for lunch type of day ????

I hope that you all enjoyed the read! However, I’m curious. How do you combat stress? Please feel free to email us or leave a comment! Stay positive my friends, until next time!



Photo creds: Photo by Victor on Unsplash