Do you sometimes find yourself struggling to fit a new piece into your wardrobe? You love the overall look of the piece but you aren’t quite sure if its “age appropriate”? This concern is brought to our attention quite often, so we decided to make a blog that will help shed some light on the solution to that question! First question you need to ask yourself is, what makes me think that this isn’t age appropriate? Maybe it’s too short or not short enough, has sleeves or is sleeveless, or possibly just has a frilly aspect that makes you ask that question. It is our belief that very few pieces of clothing actually fall into the “It’s too (young/ old)” category! It’s truly all in how you put everything together for the end result.

Too Matronly?  

If the concern is that you like it, but fear that a piece is too matronly, try to pair it with trendier accessories; funky shoes, a stylish bag, contemporary hair adornments or high fashion jewelry. Some tips just for tops are; make sure to play around with different ways of tucking like adding a front tuck, side tuck, or an all the way around tuck. One of my personal favorite fixes is rolling up the sleeves to add a fun, youthful flair. Pants, jeans and skirts…. Oh my! The best tips for adding a more youthful panache to bottoms is to do something fun to the hem or length. For jeans and pants You can choose to roll the hem for a quick fix. Other items such as skirts and shorts try altering them, for example a long, flowy, floor length skirt can be made into a fun, light, flirty skirt. Which brings me to my next tip, don’t skip the alterations! They are a huge help! Having a garment altered can transform the piece you like into the piece you love!     

Too Youthful?

If you’re thoughts are that you love the overall idea of a garment, but are stuck thinking that it may be too young, try pairing it with items you feel more comfortable in. Looking your age, but still having fun with your fashion is something that is a little bit different for everyone, so we’ll go over some baseline tips! Limit yourself to one statement item per outfit. For example, if you have a bright patterned top as your statement piece, pair it with a monochrome, neutral bottom and blazer for a more mature and effortlessly put together look. A great way to incorporate trendy silhouettes is to style them with classic pieces, that way you have a versatile up to date wardrobe that you feel comfortable and beautiful wearing! On the topic of silhouettes, how your clothes fit is a huge part of the puzzle! Try to stay in the golden zone, where your clothes are neatly tailored. While staying away from items that are overly tight or overly loose, because they can distort the overall harmony of the ensemble.  

Pictured down below, Connie and I have put together four outfits that show how to use these tips to your advantage, showing that our fashions can span almost forty years!