The Power of Accessories: Transform Your Outfit

Hi There, Honeysuckles!

We aren’t lying when we say accessories can bring an outfit from good to GREAT. It is amazing what an elegant necklace, fun scarf or belt can do. Accessories create a look that is your own individual expression. They are what define your own unique style and set you apart from others wearing the same outfit!

Look #1

This funky Suzi Roher striped belt perfectly complements these Marc Cain camo pants with its thin stripe down the leg. If you ask us, this combination is a match made in heaven. Also paired with this look is a leather PunchCase that charges your phone with its built-in battery.

(Pictured: Marc Cain black leather jacket, Marc Cain Sport tee, Marc Cain Spot camouflage pant, Suzi Roher belt, PunchCase purse, Gillian Julius bracelet)

Look #2

This scarf really brings so much to the outfit. It ties in the red, navy and pink hues of the jacket and tee with this adorable scarf. You can also take off the jacket, if the weather permits, and still have an adorable look with the combination of the tee and scarf.

(Pictured: Marc Aurel tee, Marc Aurel jacket, Marc Aurel jeans, Marc Aurel scarf)

Look #3

We always need somewhere to keep our phone and lipstick during our day out, so why not make a fashion statement while we’re at it? This cross body is very versatile with its bright colors that will make any outfit pop, especially this playful pullover jacket. We dressed up the look up by adding these beautiful earrings and a Jan’s Jewels bracelet.

(Pictured: Riani purse, Luisa Cerano jacket, Luisa Cerano check pants, Jan’s Jewels bracelet)

Look #4

We love the glamourous transformation of this Paule Ka dress. Mix and match accessories to turn a classic beauty into your own unique expression! This dress can be worn in so many different ways – all depending on how you want to wear it.

(Pictured: Paule Ka dress, Angelika necklace, Paule Ka handbag, Carol Carr hat)

Whether you are someone who loves to be decked out in accessories or prefers a relaxed look, there are accessories to complement every individual’s style that will make you feel beautiful. Comment below your “go-to” accessory!