Sweater season is finally upon us!! I’m not going to lie; I’ve been waiting for it to get chilly all year. Now that it has, we get to indulge in sweater shopping. The girls and I figured this would be the perfect opportunity to show you a few of our favorite pieces that will keep you warm and fashionable this brisk winter season. Speaking of seasons, this IS the season of giving! Each of these gorgeous sweaters would make a very special gift to a very special person. So, grab a cup of hot coco, turn on some soft holiday tunes and enjoy the read!

  1.  D’Exterior’s cityscape wool blend sweater is inlaid with a beautiful array of iridescent sequins which makes it both stunning and cozy.



2. Marc Cain’s soft cotton sweater adorned with a jeweled neckline and elegant tulle trim is the definition of classy yet sassy!



3. You already know we’re WILD about animal print so do we even need to say how much we love our adorable Marc Cain sweater?! It’s a cozy wool blend mixed with tasteful pops of coral.



4.  Light as cotton candy with a yummy pink color, this delicious Luisa Cerano sweater is an absolute must have! Its mohair fabric will keep you nice and toasty without roasting you.


5. Marc Cain’s unique design for this sweater has left us speechless and wanting more! This playful cotton sweater is perfect for those days where it’s too cold for a shirt and too warm for a sweater…. which here in Florida, we seem to have quite a few days like that l.o.l.


6. Dismero’s dreamy creamy beige sweater decorated with champagne colored polka-dots is a gorgeous edition to any wardrobe. Its wool blend fabric is sure to keep you warm and toasty.


7. Sequins, sequins and more SEQUINS!!! Marc Cain knocked it out of the park with this, such a genuinely unique piece. Not only is it absolutely stunning it’s extremely soft and very comfortable, and in the fashion world  we call that a win 🙂


stay cozy my friends!! –Alexa