Personalized Packages for Clients

If you’re not currently in the Naples Florida, area and can’t shop in our store, the personalized package program or our curated package subscription program that Wildflower offers is the ideal option for you to experience and wear all of our gorgeous collections.


The Three Easy Steps

With our package program, the products in your clothing subscription box will be tailored to your specific coloring, body type, lifestyle, and distinctive expression. To join the program, simply follow these three easy steps below:


Step 1 — Sign Up

Participate in our no cost personalized package program or our curated package subscription program which includes color analysis and body shape analysis with a monthly charge of $100. Fill out the registration form that can be found below.


Step 2 — Delivery

After three to five business days, a package will appear at your doorstep with the pieces your personal stylist has selected for you based on requirements and needs you’ve expressed and your own particular tastes. Do you have an urgent need? If so, by special request, we’re able to send items to you via overnight delivery.

Step 3 — Select

You’ll have 4 days to try on pieces from each shipment in the convenience of your own home and decide which ones you want to keep and purchase. You’ll be given a return label to affix to any pieces you don’t want to hold onto, so you can send them back. You’ll only be responsible for paying for the items you decide to keep.

Helpful Tip

The more packages you receive and review as part of our personalized package program, the more your personal stylist will learn about your preferences and tastes. Fairly quickly, the program will be tailored to your individual selections and inclinations.

Participate in our Personalized Package Program or Curated Package Subscription Now!

Are you thrilled about the possibility of having the Wildflower experience brought to you in the comfort of your own home? Fill out our personalized package subscription form below, and bring Wildflower to your front door.

Preferred Package Program and Curated Package Subscription