It’s Time to Pack For Our Next Trip: Europe Edition!

Hi there, Wildflowers!

Awhile ago when we packed our bags for a tropical weekend getaway, we figured out how to fit 15 outfits into a carry-on suitcase. And here we are today ready to blow you away with another impressive packing experience… but this time we are going to Europe! We have put together 20 outfits with 17 separate pieces. Included are skirts, pants, t-shirts, blouses and dresses to take you from day to night, or from the museum to dinner.

As I am writing this blog, I am currently packing my own suitcase for a month-long adventure in Europe. At first I was freaking out. 1 month, 3 countries and not enough space for all my clothes. But once I remembered the tips and tricks I spoke so surely about a couple months ago on the blog, it all fell into place. Layering is a life-saver ( to put it simply.) Putting a shirt over a dress, or a jacket over a jumper, creates a whole new outfit, and one you will feel great in. I also followed my advice when it comes to accessories. I packed three belts that are very versatile, four scarves that I can wear in my hair, as a belt or wrapped on my purse, and also a mini bag of jewelry. When it comes to shoes, though,… well… let’s just say I hope I have this one down by the next blog! Even with too many shoes, I have enough room to pack more than enough outfits to explore the streets of Holland, Croatia and Italy! Now I am officially ready for everything Europe has to show me.

The white dress, white pant and laced black skirt are the staples to this Europe trip collection. They make the perfect foundation for layering and accessorizing with any unique style. Personally, the organza, lilac jacket and kaftan really added the fashionable touch I was looking for; but, it is completely up to you to mix and match outfits that make you feel beautiful and confident! I love to add splashes of color while still having a good array of neutrals in my suitcase.

Here are our 20 outfits to inspire you for your next trip!