Get the Wildflower Experience Right at Your Doorstep!

A little over 15 years ago, we started sending personalized packages, or “care packages,” full of beautiful clothes suited for our clients’ unique sense of style. We are talking before Stitch-Fix or any of the other subscription services even existed!

We started sending these care packages after we received feedback from our clients about the lack of good shopping up North. So we thought, why not bring the Wildflower experience to their doorsteps? You could say it was a win-win for both sides of the relationship. Not only do we get to make our clients happy with beautiful clothes, but we get to keep in touch with our friends who we miss so much during the slow summer months!

Since the start, we have really focused on making the service even more personalized. We have found that having a strong relationship with the client and knowing their likes, dislikes and favorite styles make the care package experience, a very successful one.

Step 1: Fill out the online form.

The first step to getting your personalized box is filling out the online form on our website where you will be asked a series of basic questions. Looking for casual sportswear clothes? Daytime dresses? Special occasion wear? Let us know! To make it easy for you.. Click HERE to fill out the form!

Step 2: Receive a phone call from a Wildflower team member.

Once our team receives the online form submission, we will get in touch with you to chat about your style. We want to know what colors you love and which colors you stay away from. We want to know what silhouettes flatter your figure and what type of accessories you use to glam up an outfit. But most of all, we want to know what makes you feel beautiful! Please let us know if there is someone in particular  you would love to work with from our team!

Step 3: A Wildflower team member will create a personalized package for you.

After we get to know you better, if we don’t already know you well, it’s time to get down to business! We will put together a package that is perfect for you and then send it off to your location!

Step 4: Try on your items.

This step is definitely the best of them all. Try on the clothes and let us know what you think! If there are items you didn’t fall in love with, simply use the return label we included in the box, and ship it back to us.

Step 5: Repeat!

Now it’s time to look forward to your next package! The more packages we exchange, the better we understand your style and personality.

Here is what two of our wonderful clients said about their experience with the personalized package service:

“Connie and the Wildflower team have been providing me with outstanding personalized service and clothing for over ten years.  I have never had the opportunity to meet Connie or visit the store in person.  It all started when Wildflower carried a line of clothing that I loved and I reached out to see if she would send me a pair of jeans.  Connie has impeccable taste and Wildflower carries many wonderful European lines.  Over the years, Connie and the team have sent me “care packages” that have not only met, but exceeded, all my needs and expectations!  Initially, we shopped by email with Connie sharing photos of items that I might like.  Over the years, she knows what I will love and can pick fantastic looks and just send me packages with beautiful pieces to try.  All of this can be personalized to your needs.  She can even determine my size, which always amazes me.  I love the Wildflower team and my clothes that I have from Wildflower are my favorite go- to fashions. They are the best!”


“They are packaged so pretty with lovely tissue and bows. Also, Connie always manages to slip in a wonderful surprise, which ends up being one of my favorite pieces.”