The Dismero fall collection is now available at Wildflower Boutique and you are going to want to check it out. This collection has an array of different looks to suit any mood. The whimsical plaids get you in a holiday state of mind without a heavy fabric weighing you down. The different colors and finishes in the stretchy denim pieces are the definition of comfortable chic.  This Dismero capsule gives you enough outfits to keep you content through the winter months.

~~ OUTFIT #1~~

The fabric in this collection is so light you feel like you are floating in the clouds. The skirt moves gracefully with your movements to make you feel ultra feminine and confident. The skirt is lined with a silky and stretchy fabric that enhances the flutter of the outer layers and draws attention to the subtle shimmer in the design.

The leather jacket is not going to weigh you down either. It is light, with a buttery smooth texture that will make you feel like you can take on the world…and win.

” I love this jacket, it makes me feel like a sophisticated bad a**”  -Alexa




~~ OUTFIT #2~~


This sophisticated plaid jacket is the focal point in the outfit. The classic design is reminiscent of an autumn day at Oxford and is enough to withstand a chilly October wind.











The baby blue cotton button up under the jacket is incredibly slimming and complimentary. It can be paired with all of the jeans in the new collection and worn as pictured or open over a Dismero tank top for added versatility.

And the jeans…oh the jeans! They have a velvety layer visible from the outside and they feel like velvet against your skin. Soft and stretchy and perfect to dress up or down .








~~ OUTFIT #3 ~~


The colors in this sweater are perfect for fall. This is a great outfit to wear to watch your favorite football team take on the rivals. They won’t stand a chance at beating you, in stylishness at least.














The jeans are a comfortable cotton with a great gold and coppery studded pocket accent. These are fabulous to highlight long legs. Don’t be discouraged if you are vertically challenged, they are high waisted to add length to your form. (There is also a super soft long sleeved tee with a matching design in our video)







~~ OUTFIT #4~~


In the past there has been a misconception that white is a summer color. One look at this incredibly soft and fall inspired outfit will change your mind forever.

It reminds me of curling up next to the fireplace with a cup of cocoa while the leaves fall from the trees outside.

The sweater has a slight boatneck.  It is fluffy and comforting. It is light enough to wear in early fall or under a jacket.

The white jeans are sporty and chic. The zippered pockets will ensure that you don’t lose your keys while enjoying Octoberfest. The stitching pattern is done in a unique way that grabs your eye and your heart. You are going to fall in love with Fall in these pants.






~~ OUTFIT #5 ~~


As we veer closer to winter you can trade in the short sleeved red shirt for this long sleeved alternative. The fabric is flowy, fun and comfortable. It is beautiful on its own or under a jacket or sweater.

If you are familiar with the rules of prints, these plaid pants are a perfect way to create a  fashion forward outfit. The small design compliments the larger print in the shirt to ensure that you are highlighting your adventurous and creative personality.









Here is a video of us “modeling” the new collection for you! There are tons of ways to mix and match this new collection from Dismero! Although we did show quite a few combinations, we didn’t get to show ALL of the possible outfits! So if you love this collection come get creative with us,  we would love to see what you come up with!