Fall Nostalgia

When I was a kid,

I loved fall more than any other season. The weather began to cool off, the leaves turned to bright oranges, yellows and reds making the mountains look alive with fiery color. We went on hayrides, picked apples and canned fruit.  It was my favorite time of year.

Here in Florida we don’t have the drastic changes that I remember from my youth, and so I have to be creative and find ways to celebrate the season without the activities and changes I was accustomed to when I was young.

These are some ideas that we came up with to incorporate the fall sentiment into the Southwest Florida sunny weather and warmer temperatures.




Connie gets bundled up for an early morning boat trip with her husband. They marvel at the way the birds come out of their roost and the rising sun sends a shimmer of orange across the ripples in the water. The chilled air and the breeze as they zoom through the bay gives them an excuse to cuddle a little closer. It may not be the same as a hayride under a full moon, but the vibe is just as cozy.




Apples are not native to Florida, and to attain that nice crisp and sweet flavor they need a period of chilled weather that is below 45 degrees, so Adam won’t be picking apples in Naples in the fall. Instead he enjoys climbing into the branches of his parent’s avocado tree and collecting ripe fruit to share with his friends and coworkers.  Its not going to be the best choice to fit into a pie or a dumpling but at least he gets the pleasure of enjoying the outdoors. Instead of apple butter, he can make guacamole, which is pretty tasty!




On a sultry evening in Florida the idea of a hot beverage to warm her soul may not be ultra- appealing so Alexa enjoys the spices and flavors that are traditional to autumn with a scoop of Ben and Jerry’s fall themed ice creams with pumpkin flavored titles.  In the evening when things start to cool off as we approach December, the temperatures may even dip low enough for her to enjoy a carafe of hot cocoa and marshmallows with her boyfriend.




As for me, I have always looked forward to Thanksgiving and to sharing that time with my family. Since they are all far away in Pennsylvania, I have had to adjust to that as well. While the smell of a turkey basting still conjures up the love I feel for them, I enjoy Thanksgiving with my friends. We create a potluck style dinner and share our gratitude for one another while we lounge on the Lanai and take a dip in the pool.



As we try on the latest Bogner styles in this week’s Fashion Diary, we are reminded that fall is a state of mind as much as it is a season.  Please enjoy this video and leave your comments as to how you recreate a feeling of fall in sunny Florida. We look forward to your inspiration????