Dressed and Ready for a Night at Home.

Our Dear Wildflower Family,

Whether you are curled up on the couch with a good book, or face-timing friends for a Zoom Party it feels great to do it in an outfit that gives you confidence. The outfits we are featuring on this week’s blog are the perfect solution to help put your best fashion foot forward. Even if you are just going into the kitchen for a bowl of popcorn.

A lot of our Wildflower friends have shared that they are ready to shed their day-old sweatpants. What better way to fight off the blahs than to combat them with creativity and fashion. The looks we are featuring will help you to do just that.  You don’t have to be going to an event to enjoy looking and feeling fantastic! If you pick an outfit that you are proud to model in the mirror it will give you a boost of energy and confidence….. even if you are the only one who gets to see it.

Close your eyes and think about the last time you wore a favorite outfit.  Just the feeling of the fabric against your skin brought a smile to your face. No one needed to tell you that you looked good because you already knew it.  That feeling adds confidence to everything that you do, it adds joy to your voice and a glow to your cheeks. So let’s set the bar high and do what brings us joy.  As well as enjoy the sweet creative freedom of doing what makes us happy!!! 


Written by Rachel

Photos by Alexa