DIY Tassels

Hello, Tiger Lillies!

A lot of creativity and brainstorming goes into the creation of a fabulous window display. Many different characteristics are taken into account during this process, such as which products will be featured in the window, the current season and how much time you have to complete the project.

We came across the idea to attach homemade tassels to jute to create a fun and playful window. The tassels look fantastic in the window and are quite easy to make! Now you might not want to make your own tassel window display at your house, but you can use these homemade tassels for a variety of projects. Here are step-by-step instructions so you can sew the tassels on pillows or blankets, decorate wrapped presents with a tassel or two, or add them to your favorite canvas bag!

We made our own silk tassel earrings, and we are obsessed!
  1. Gather Your Supplies
    Pick out the type of yarn you would like for your tassel. Do not forget to take color and thickness into consideration when you are deciding! Choose a box to wrap the yarn around. The size of the box is totally up to your preference. A larger box will make longer tassels and a short box will make shorter tassels. It all depends what size you want your tassels to be.
  2. Start to Wrap
    Begin to wrap the yarn around the box until you have wrapped it thirty times. Cut to create a loose end.
  3. Tie it Together
    Cut a 5-inch piece of yarn and double-knot it around the top rounded part of the bundle.
  4. Slide Off
    Slide the bundle of wrapped yarn off of the box. Cut the bottom rounded part of the bottom to loosen all the ends of the tassel.
  5. Form the Neck
    Take a 12-inch long piece of yarn to wrap around the tassel. This can be a different color than the tassel if you want to create a vibrant look. Start to wrap the strand 1.5 inches below the top of the tassel. Fasten the neck by knotting the loose end to one of the tassel strings.

And just like that you have made your own funky, unique tassel.

Here is a behind-the-scenes photo of the Wildflower team crafting tassels for our window display!