Dismero Puts the “Wild” in Wildflower

Hi there, Wildflowers!

It takes more than an ordinary designer to be the top selling line at Wildflower for the past 11 years, and Dismero is precisely anything but ordinary! With passion and a creative spirit, Dismero has adorned the walls of our boutique and captured the hearts of many. People gravitate towards Dismero not only for their sophisticated designs, but also for the richness of their culture that designer, Andy D’auria, and his wife, JaDon, have created through the company. 

Andy and Connie share a very important trait – an eye for quality. Where else can you buy a cotton tee shirt with such great quality that you can wear it for years without a single pill? Exactly, keep on thinking… 

The real magic happens when you combine quality and fit — the perfect pairing that Andy has completely mastered. As Elena puts it, anyone, regardless of their trouble areas and insecurities, feels their absolute best when they put a pair of Dismero pants on. Andy spent years developing a trouser that not only fit a woman’s figure, but also flatters her shape. With two Dismero sizes for every regular one size, you can be confident to find a pant that makes you feel beautiful. 

Stop by, say hello and get a little taste of Italy with Dismero’s newest collection. You will love it just as much as we do!

Jasmine’s Dismero Look

Connie’s Dismero Look

Elena’s Dismero Look

Makayla’s Dismero Look