Wildflower Boutique’s Winter Wonderland

The last few days the store has been decorating for the holidays. Our windows have been transformed from flowers and trees to snowflakes and poinsettias with glittering streams of glass reflecting in the sunlight like little snowflakes.

We have transformed streamers of feathers into streamers of “snowflakes” and interspersed snowflakes between them to bring the scene to life.

We have not one, but 2 beautifully decorated Holiday trees to add to the spirit.  And we have holiday outfits that are perfect for your small gathering or your virtual caroling “excursion”

Many of us are still not going out on a regular basis and it is starting to become a drag. Don’t let the current societal conditions deter you from enjoying a festive, fun filled, unforgettable Holiday season.

Do a Cookie Bake off!

Design your own Artistic Holiday Cards!

Throw on your favorite Holiday Playlist and Dance around the Living Room!

Participate in a Secret Santa exchange!

Decorate your tree!

And dress up! There is no better time than right now to get out of those old clothes and shine like the Holiday Superstar that you are!



As Alexa is working on writing holiday cards, she’s wearing a fun vibrant cozy sweater by Marc Aurel!

“Getting into the holiday spirit has been a little difficult for me this year. I know I’m not the only one, so I wanted to share with you all something that helped me beam a little brighter! Writing down and sharing how grateful I am for each family member has really brought me back to some of my best memories with each of them. It’s a great reminder that even though this may be an untraditional holiday season, there is still so much to be grateful for!”



Connie and Alexa exchanging gifts for the holidays; wearing a mixture of Dismero and Airfield.

 Red is always such a delightful classic holiday color, it’s bold and vivacious with hints of holiday spirit. This year we may be taking a more simple approach to our holiday attire… but that shouldn’t mean we’re ditching style all together!!

Connie is wearing a cozy red Dismero jean paired with an abstract Airfield jacket. This outfit is perfect for those chilly nighttime Christmas light viewing ventures, whether you’re walking, biking or driving around your neighborhood with the windows down.

Alexa has on an airy red plaid Dismero top and patent leather leggings. Although it looks dressy, there isn’t a whole lot of fluff with this outfit. The statement piece is the beautiful top, it has just a little hint of sparkle, and the pants are a pull on Airfield legging! I’m comfortable and casual but not falling short on style.

….. I wonder what’s in that big box?!


Rachel is decorating our store Christmas trees to get herself in the holiday spirit!


She can be seen wearing a soft cotton sweater by Marc Cain! The best part about this pretty sweater is that you can leave your jewels at home! The neckline is delicately decorated with gleaming Swarovski crystals, while the soft all over quilting keeps you cozy.


Rachel is also modeling olive pants by D’Exterior, these pants are crafted of an ultra soft cotton blend. With a strip of silver beading cascading down each leg, they too offer a bit of sparkle.


This is an ideal outfit for anyone who wants to leave a little bit of sparkle wherever they go!



I cannot begin to explain how much fun we had cutting out these silly little snowflakes!!  Connie, Rachel and I were laughing so much that we could hardly even keep it together for these pictures! As I shared earlier on in this post, I’m struggling with keeping the holiday blues away, BUT when you’re surrounded by such warm and supportive people at work it melts all of the worries away.

So THANK YOU, to ALL of you beautiful Wildflowers for supporting us with love and encouragement! We love you and will always be here to support you too!!

(Down below are some of the “outtakes”.  I hope they make you laugh as much as we did!!)




Rachel “dropping” an ornament


Me laughing at my own lame jokes… not a good idea while having your picture taken!



Adam trying to re-create Rachels pose… I think he nailed it!! LOL


Our many failed attempts at taking a serious picture for the blog