5 Unique Ways to Wear a Scarf


Greetings, Wildflowers!

Scarves are one of my absolute favorite accessories. Besides the obvious comfort of a warm snuggly scarf around your neck, they have so much to offer when it comes to sprucing up an outfit. With the variety of patterns and textiles scarves come in, it’s basically a given that you will find a scarf (or two) to add to your wardrobe. If we are being honest here, no one can have “too many” scarves – each one can bring a different flavor to the same exact outfit.

So you may be thinking, “This summer heat is way too much for a scarf,” or perhaps, “Eh … scarves are too stuffy for me.” Fear not! Here are 5 ways to brighten up your outfit with a scarf without wrapping it around your neck.

1. Make it a headband

Possibly one of my personal favorites, a scarf headband brings color to your face without interfering too much with the patterns on the clothes you are wearing. This factor makes it very easy to mix different prints and patterns without looking too busy.

To make your headband, fold your scarf until it’s about 4-5 inches wide (or whichever width you prefer); then, place the strip on your head and wrap it to meet the two ends in the back; now, tie the ends together to form a tight knot. And there you have it, a custom headband that no one else will have!


                                         As you can see, we had a lot of fun with this style!

  2. Wrap it

This style is perfect if you have a beautiful brooch, plus it is super easy to do. To make this beautiful wrap, open the scarf up completely, wrap it around your bodice and connect both sides with the brooch.


 3. Create a unique belt

Belting a scarf is a great way to make a simple pair of bottoms or a dress something really special. To make this stylish belt, roll up the scarf length-wise, wrap it around your waist and tie a knot to complete the look. An alternative to using a large-sized scarf is cutting a medium-sized scarf in half and knotting the pieces together to create a longer piece of fabric.

Jasmine showing off the belt made with our Luisa Cerano scarf!

4. Spice up your purse

Why not combine your favorite scarf and your favorite purse? Knot a scarf around the handle of a purse, and there you have it! This style is also perfect if you want to bring a scarf in case you get chilly, but you don’t want to wear it around your neck the entire day.

Connie sporting our Dismero purse and cheerful Riani scarf.

5. Wear it as a skirt

We all have that one favorite pair of pants. That pair that we aren’t ashamed of to wear a few days a week just because they fit that well. This style is a great way to wear your favorite pair of trousers while making a unique statement at the same time. To make the skirt, simply fold the opposite corners of the scarf to create a triangle-like shape. With the pointed edge of the scarf downward, tie the scarf around your waist and knot the ends on one side. This style is a great look for a beach day or wherever the beautiful Florida weather may take you!

Jasmine wearing the skirt style with our Marc Aurel scarf.

These are simply five ways to wear a scarf, but there are so many more ideas for you to discover. The most important thing is to be open to trying new ways to wear all types of accessories, even though it might feel out of the ordinary. With this mindset, your wardrobe will blossom with a new sense of individuality.


Share your favorite way to wear a scarf in the comments below!