Wildflower at Any Age

Five years ago, my parents advised me to get a part-time job in the industry of my interest for a future career. As a passionate high-school student who spent Friday nights collaging the wall of her bedroom with Vogue magazines, I set out to find a job at a boutique to confirm that this passion of mine would lead to a career in the fashion business.

Little did I know what I was getting myself into the day I arrived to fill out an application at Wildflower. During the initial start of working at the boutique, my coworkers were simply, well, coworkers – people who I enjoyed learning from and having conversations with. Very quickly did these incredible people turn into family with a strong and genuine bond. And now here I am, a junior at The University of Florida who still sends Connie a text for advice, who wonders what is happening at Wildflower as I walk through campus, and who misses getting creative at work with the best work family.

Working at Wildflower has been an enjoyable journey as well as a learning experience. Connie has taught me numerous life lessons – way too many to count! One of Connie’s lessons that really sticks with me is to always be creating, and creating is what we do best at Wildflower. This one lesson has switched my outlook from looking at the boutique as clothing collections that are to be worn together, to thinking of Wildflower as a huge closet – ready to be mixed and matched.

In this blog post, Connie and I are sporting the same four Wildflower items in our own unique ways. You can be a Wildflower at any age, it is all about how you make the outfit suit your style with a personal flair.

Look #1: Luisa Cerano Blouse

I paired this blouse with a leather skirt, hot pink booties and some funky jewelry. I really wanted to emphasize the bold colors in the blouse and create an edgy look! Connie created two looks with the Luisa top by switching out her jacket. The first outfit with the black jacket is a more classic, clean look, while the green jacket definitely brings a fun pop of color.

Look #2: D. Exterior Sweater

This D.Exterior sweater is absolutely incredible with its creamy color and comfortable texture. I paired it with a cropped flare pant, platforms and gold hoops. Connie wore the sweater with a matching pair of pants, adorable bow heels, and gold jewelry to complete the elegant look.

Look #3: Bogner Jacket

This jacket is a statement piece. I decided to wear it with all black, creating a simple look. I love how Connie brought out the orange with her shirt and necklace… and we can’t forget about those shoes!! Such a fun and playful outfit.

Look #4: Marc Aurel Jacket


Here we are with another awesome jacket. Connie and I both paired the jacket with jeans, a tee and unique shoes. The scarf is the final touch!