3 Day Vacay

Summer is here,

and for most of us that means its vacation time! Although traveling to other countries might be out of our comfort zones, now is the perfect time to tour our home states and discover something new. Should it be a new restaurant, park, nature walk or activity …there is some new adventure waiting for you. That being said, Connie, Christy, Tina and I are all taking some time this summer to do some discovering of our own!

We all have a few vacations planned for this summer and like most women, we are chronic over packers. So, while we were chatting about what we should/ shouldn’t bring, and how to keep from over bringing. We were thinking … “Why not apply Connie’s capsule wardrobe theory to packing for a trip?” Ever since Connie introduced the concept of capsule wardrobes to us, it’s made a world of difference in our everyday lives. Therefore, we had to give this vacation wardrobe miracle solution a try…. and ladies, it WORKS!

  No matter how long, or in this case how short the stay might be. Creating a capsule will keep you from being bitten by the overpacking bug.

I could go on and on about the different ways you could create a vacation capsule but for simplicity’s sake. Lets say we are packing for a three to four day summer vacation somewhere tropical. And on that note, lets dive into three common issues that are created by overpacking and how creating a capsule can alleviate these issues.

The first hurdle we run into is usually at the airport.

Lugging around a cumbersome stuffed luggage is a hassle. Regardless if it has wheels or you actually have to muscle it around the airport, it’s still not ideal situation for a short three day excursion. In short…..your weekender bag shouldn’t cause back problems when it’s lifted into the overhead storage containers in the airplane! For a three to four day stay a good rule of thumb is to have about six pieces of clothing that all coordinate with each other!


  • 2 Tops
  • 2 bottoms
  • 2 over pieces: jacket, cardigan, scarf, ext.
  • 2 shoes one for walking around and one for dinner

If you plan on swimming include your most trusted swimsuit!

(This is a good guideline but not the only option. For example, you

can always choose to take one less jacket in exchange for an extra pant.)

The second issue arises when you realize…

That although, you have brought plenty of outfits nothing seems to relate back to anything else. Having pieces that coordinate with each other is absolutely essential, it allows you to have more outfits with fewer articles of clothing. Thus, it saves space and makes it possible for you to bring less shoes. Considering that shoes take up most of the room in our luggage, not needing a different shoe for every outfit is extremely space saving. Just in case you needed another reason to try this, having a streamlined suitcase with all of your essentials and none of the fluff makes it easier to pack up without leaving anything behind!!

What’s the third and arguably most important reason for not overstuffing?

Don’t forget to leave room in your suitcase for souvenirs! Whether its a new pair of jeans for yourself or a gift set for someone you love, we will almost always come home with more than what we brought, having that extra room allows for extra shopping. Which, in my opinion is a necessity 🙂

Capsule wardrobes and capsule vacation packing can seem intimidating at first, but that’s what we are here for! Wildflower would love to help create YOUR perfect vacation capsule and teach you the tips and tricks to a fabulously flawless vacation wardrobe! We can help you start from scratch or you can show us your fave pieces that need to be added to. Vacations are meant to be fun and hassle free, let us make packing for them just as fun and stress free.

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Below are some examples we created for a short three day stay